D.A.R.E.N. News 2013

DAREN of WV News March 10, 2013(.A79)
WA8LLM (304) 679-3470 wa8llm@yahoo.com WOOD COUNTY EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS P.O. BOX 3328, PARKERSBURG, WV 26103 http://www.wc8ec.org

DAREN News, are articles and information about the Digital Amateur Radio "Emergency" Network of WV, which operates on 145.69 MHz.  Anyone having any information about DAREN, or Amateur Radio in general, and would like to share it with others, may send it to WA8LLM @ PKBGWV on 145.69 MHz, or to my E-Mail: wa8llm@yahoo.com.  A State Wide DAREN NET is operated every Saturday from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and lately, before and after those hours.  The DAREN Net Announcement, showing the MAIN NCS, ALTERNATE NCS, NODEs accessible to both, and the previous week's check-ins, are posted by Thursday on most of the Main county DAREN PBBS'.  The DAREN News can also be found on the wc8ec.org website.

Since I told about the one day General Class Amateur Radio class that the Wood County Emergency Communications group is going to hold on April 13th.  I've been contacted by Dave Bradley, N8DWB, who is going to be the new ARRL Emergency Coordinator for Jackson County.  Dave has been teaching a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) class in Jackson County and he has about 8 students that would like to get their Amateur Radio license.  Plans are now being made to hold a one day Technician Class Amateur Radio class in Jackson County.  Barry Miller, KF4BZY, says he has a couple of people who are interested in taking the General class, and getting, their General Class license.  As soon as the time, date, and location are worked out for the Technician class, I'll let everyone know.

Gene Roy, N8ER, sent me an E-Mail about the Tucker County NODE/PBBS of TUCKER/PRSNER.  He said he's trying to get a couple of stations on the air in Tucker County, but politics keeps getting in the way.  He said that even though his personal station of TUCKER/PRSNER is only up about 2000 feet, it seems to have a fairly reliable path to the Pendleton County NODE/PBBS of PENDWV/FKLNWV. He said that everyone is welcome to use the station to help complete their paths through the DAREN system.  I want to thank Gene for helping keep the DAREN system alive and well.

Don't forget the Charleston Hamfest is this coming Saturday, March 16th.  I am planning on being there.  I need to do a forum on the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service).  The Hamfest will be at the Coonskin Armory on, Coonskin Drive, Charleston.  The doors will open to the public at 9:00am.

That's all I have for this week.  If you have anything you want to let others know, send it to me so I can get it in the DAREN News.

There were 50 check-ins to the State Wide DAREN Net this week.  Lisa Hendershot, KB8UER, who's been participating in the net since August 20, 1994, has completed 950 check-ins.  Jeremie Hamilton, KB3UMW, who's been participating in the net since September 25, 2010, has completed 100 check-ins. And, Kendale Peterson, KD8QAK, needs only one more check-in to make 100.  I still have not got around to printing up the certificates for those waiting for them, but I'm getting close.

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